Lavera Faces Cleansing Gel

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
This product was on clearance at my work so I decided to scoop it up and try it. The best part about it? It is gentle and uses organic products. However, I did not find that this was a miracle worker. At first, I used it with my Clarisonic at night time but felt that it was not battling my acne well enough. Therefore, I decided to switch it to my morning routine to wash off the creams I put on for last night.
I'm not sure how much this costs at full price but if it were more than $8 it would not be worth it for me. I definitely will not buy this product again because I really didn't see any major differences in my skin. 


JC! :) said...

Hi girl! Sorry for taking so long to respond but regarding the question you left on my blog... My palette holder/organizer are actually just two file sorts I found at Office Max. More info/pics on this post of mine.

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