Facial primer..

Friday, September 24, 2010
Bare Escentuals PRIME TIME

Price: $8 for a travel size at Sephora more for a larger size

I'm not really sure how much I believe in facial primers but this stuff definitely starts out great. It leaves my skin feeling and looking smooth and matt right after I apply it and gives my foundation a good base to cling to. However, it's mattifying effect doesn't last forever. I will often use this before I put on my bare escentuals foundation but by 3 hours in to school my face will start looking oily again.

But if you don't have oily skin this stuff might just work for you! Definitely try it out, it comes in a travel size as well to giver-a-test!


Foundation Application Brush....

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Sephora Collection Professionnel Platinum Air Brush #55

Coverage:8 out of 10
Bristle Softness: 10 out of 10
Make up application: 10 out of 10
Purchase: Sephora.com / Sephora stores $34

Its claims:
Sephora Brand Professionnel Platinum Air Brush #55 is the secret to the smoothest foundation finish possible. This essential tool blends as it applies, allowing for a smooth, natural-looking result. Build from light to heavy with ease as you continue application—your results will be perfectly pretty at every level of coverage.

The girl at the Sephora store recommended this to me for a flawless and full coverage finish and she was right! This brush is awesome! It is SO SOFT and has synthetic bristles so it doesn't soak up the product (like real hair), instead, it just grabs the foundation and deposits it back on your face! It also is made to give you that 'airbrush' finish so that your make up doesn't look caked on and I agree!

Application Instructions: Put a little blob of your liquid foundation on your hand, swirl the brush, and then work on to your face in circular motions. I like to start in the centre of my face, mostly around my T-zone area as that is where my acne scars and redness usually is, and then blend in to the cheeks and outer corners of the face!

A question for you guys: Should I start posting before/after pics of products that I use? I was thinking of starting to post some eye make up looks and explain to you what colours I used and how I did it... I'm not sure if anyone is interested in that or not? But I thought it might be fun!

Thickening hair creme

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thickening= 8 out of 10
Price= $14-24

I love this stuff! I'll admit, I've never used a thickening creme before but I really like how my hair feels after I use this and then blow dry. And if I don't blow dry, it gives me a nice piecey look! Fantastic stuff!

M.A.C. Lipstick/gloss

Friday, September 3, 2010
Hey there!
So I am not sure how many of you have the same problem as me, but when I put on lip stick it always looks like the colour is 'out of the lines' and when I wipe it away, it looks like I missed a spot!

Anyways, I found a nice nude lipstick combo that I wanted to share with you guys!

The colour is a sort of a wine/nude colour.

Price: $17.50 CA each
First I start with Lustre Lipstick in To Pamper and than layer with Lipglass in Spree.

It looks great! Feel free to stop in at your local M.A.C. shop and sample the lip duo!

Don't bother with this one...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
So awhile back I purchased
On A Clear Day Protection Cream 1oz

....and I haven't found any benefits of it!

I have read many reviews saying people liked it but in my opinion it is not worth the money. It claims that it will camouflage small skin imperfections. It also says that it can be used under makeup to help create a smooth flawless complexion. Furthermore, it contains silicone to help condition and protect the skin (but remember, silicone is a PLASTIC so if you are worried about that then this is not for you!). It also contains a natural enzyme to help reduce surface breakout.

Yes, it left my skin feeling soft and smooth, however, as soon as you try to put foundation on it cakes in certain spots and kind of slides around and creates an un-even look. If you are going to get this stuff, I would suggest waiting a bit before applying the make-up so that it has enough time to sink in to skin.

Also, it didn't irritate my skin at all which is always a plus but I really didn't feel that it was much better than anything else I have tried so far.

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