Monday, August 23, 2010
Hi everyone!
Sorry it's been so long since my last review but I have something exciting to tell you all... Sephora is at Mayfair Mall! So make sure to join their insider club and you will get E-mails telling you about new, exciting products AND free gifts! It's awesome!

Today's review:

Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer

Concealing power: 7 out of 10
Price: $25 @ London Drugs

This is a liquid concealer and works great under the eye area. I use #01 and it has a bit of a yellowish tone to it which makes it perfect to counter-act the blue/purple that comes out under the eye area. However, it is hard to use over blemishes because it brings out the flakiness that may occur from using acne-fighting cleansers and products. Also, this stuff is expensive so I'm sure there is something, just as good, out there for undereye correction for cheaper but I do suggest giving it a try out if you haven't already. The other negative is that LD seems to always be out of the #01 (the lightest colour) so if you are fair like me, it might be difficult to colour match.

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