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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
So awhile back I purchased
On A Clear Day Protection Cream 1oz

....and I haven't found any benefits of it!

I have read many reviews saying people liked it but in my opinion it is not worth the money. It claims that it will camouflage small skin imperfections. It also says that it can be used under makeup to help create a smooth flawless complexion. Furthermore, it contains silicone to help condition and protect the skin (but remember, silicone is a PLASTIC so if you are worried about that then this is not for you!). It also contains a natural enzyme to help reduce surface breakout.

Yes, it left my skin feeling soft and smooth, however, as soon as you try to put foundation on it cakes in certain spots and kind of slides around and creates an un-even look. If you are going to get this stuff, I would suggest waiting a bit before applying the make-up so that it has enough time to sink in to skin.

Also, it didn't irritate my skin at all which is always a plus but I really didn't feel that it was much better than anything else I have tried so far.



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