Babor Day Cream

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Purchase: $30 @ Eskincare Store

This light, calming day cream regulates the pH balance. Impurities are effectively combatted by the Day Cream's astringent effects while excessive dryness is prevented.

Ultra-light purifying day cream which regulates oil secretions and prevents the spread of bacteria. Can be used for oily, problem skin. Smoothes irritations and has an astringent effect. Contains natural active substances.

Review: I received a sample of this with my purchase from Eskincare Store and I really liked it! It smelt a bit like lavender but it made my skin feel really soft, especially the skin under my chin and on my neck. I was only able to squeeze two days use out of the sample so I have no idea how it would work on a long term basis but I would definitely recommend trying this product for yourself. I may even add it to my 'must buy' list as soon as I am done with my current moisturizers (yes, plural, I have like 3 different products to go through first!).


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