MAC Acrylic Paints

Friday, May 27, 2011
Purchase: MAC Pro Members Only Online Purchase

Aren't these colours beautiful!? I just purchased these for face and body painting for this summer's festivals! I am so excited to use them/have my boyfriend use them on me! The colours turned out great, I find you can't really tell what the colour actually looks like on the website.

Pros: Long-wearing colour for up to 12 hours. After the colour sets (approximately 1-2 minutes) it does NOT smudge or rub off on ANYTHING!

Cons: Since it is Long-wearing, you have to have a really good makeup remover to get this stuff off. I also found it the hardest to get the pink off as it almost dies your skin, however, it did come off eventually. Also, the jars are fairly small and pricey so it is definitely something to think about before purchasing. Here you can see I compared the jars to a regular sized mac eye shadow. Also, my hands looked like rainbows after I finished potting these paints in to smaller containers so be careful not to spill!

I would definitely recommend these for body painting/face painting. But keep in mind that some products are not to be used in the eye or face area so make sure you read the little pamphlet it comes with!


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