Urban Decay Primer Potion...YAY!

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Staying Power: 10 out of 10
Colour: 10 out of 10 (nude)
Container: 2 out of 10
Price: $20-34 dollars @ Sephora

This stuff is a cult classic! Every blog I have ever read loves this stuff and I do to. The only catch is that I have sensitive eyes and the first few times I used it, it burned a bit! AHHH!! So if you have sensitive eyes I would not recommend this. Otherwise, voted by almost every makeup blog, it is the best stuff!

This potion is an eyeshadow primer so you put it all over your lid and some under the lid (if you are applying colour there). It makes the colour last all day long with no creases! Amazing! So if you are a very busy lady and are going to be out all day this stuff is for you! Or, if you are going out to the club this stuff is sweat resistant! Truly amazing!

The one I have is nude but you can actually get it in two new colours. One is a nude shimmer and the other is more of a gold shimmer so depending on what colours you wear you can get the appropriate colour. I like the nude the best as it works well with matts and shimmers and won't add shine.

One problem that everyone runs in to with this stuff is that, because of the shape, you end up missing out on a lot of product. I cut mine in half and scooped out all the excess and put it in a sephora sample jar. And I have now just bought the new PRO SIZE which is a much better container. The wand it comes with is completely unnecessary so the PRO SIZE is way better as I use my fingers to apply it instead.

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