Lancome Blockbusters are HERE!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I know what Santa is bringing me this Xmas! These amazing packages are available at your local London Drugs and Sears stores. I know that the Tillicum London Drug's location is sold out of the Party Pink Packages so make sure to call first before you pick one up.

Most stores require a minimum purchase of around $34 in order to purchase the $60 blockbuster but it is SOOO worth it! Check out all the amazing stuff in there! The eye makeup remover alone is $34 plus the full sized eyeshadow pallet is usually $55, and the glosses are $22 a piece and you get two plus way more in this package!
Don't wait on this amazing deal!

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Karen B said...

so you buy something for $34 and then this for $60??? why would you have to buy something to buy something else

Mary Elizabeth said...

Because it is a blockbuster Item, it is not a 'gift with purchase'. However, depending on what LD you go to you might be able to buy just the blockbuster without purchasing an item.

Blockbusters are different then regular gift sets. Blockbusters are special gift sets that you can only purchase if you purchase an item first.. usually if you bought all the stuff in the package it would be $303, instead, you only pay $60 with a minimum purchase. It's still an amazing deal. Regular gift sets only save customers around $10-30, this one saves you over $200!

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