Tigh-Na-Mara Grotto Spa Review

Monday, April 4, 2011
This past Sunday I enjoyed a Glacial Clay Wrap at the Grotto Spa in Parksville. Here is what the Wrap Included:

A gently detoxifying, mineral rich clay wrap begins this experience; the profound healing effects of this nourishing clay are complimented by a hydrating facial masque and a body butter application.
sixty minutes all for $110

The experience was pretty interesting. I have never had a body treatment or body wrap before. The therapist applied a warm clay mask to my entire body (front and back) and then wrapped me up in plastic, followed by warm wet towels and piles upon piles of blankets. While we waited for the mask to seep in she applied a special oil to my face, rinsed, and then applied a moisturizing mask. Then, she let it set in and I just kind of laid there. And this point, I think she was suppose to be giving me a scalp massage (she had mentioned one earlier and said she'd come back and ask me if I wanted it or not but then she never did). So I was very disappointed in not getting one and didn't realize until after that, that was when they would have done one. I then showered off and she applied a moisturizer to my entire body with a deep massage. Again, she did not ask me what kind of pressure I liked so I was, again, disappointed and felt it was 'too late' to mention anything by the time it was slightly bothersome.

All in all I really enjoyed the experience but would have enjoyed it more if she had given me the scalp massage and asked about pressure. It was especially great because I received a full facial, clay body mask and a massage all for a cheaper price then just a massage would cost.

However, I think I could get the same thing for locally from Ashlee at Sanctum. So, if you are interested in a treatment like this, I would suggest saving your money and checking Ashlee out. She never forgets to ask those important questions ;)

A review of the rest of our experience at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort & Spa to come!

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