NYC Concealer

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Purchase: $3.99 w/ 20% off at London Drugs
Colour Choices: 6 out of 10

When it comes to NYC concealer you get what you pay for. I found that this product was way too dry and didn't blend very well in to my skin. It was also really thick so it looked way too cakey. It also only comes in 3 flesh tones and 2 colour correcting colours so there is really not a very good selection. However, you can buy one in each colour to add to your makeup collection if you are in a bind. It's also a good size to carry around with you for any emergency touchups that need to be done throughout the day especially for around the nose area which tends to get very red this time of year (cough sneeze cough). I would definitely not suggest using this under the eyes but it can be used on blemishes, and the nose area.

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Mayana said...

I bought this stuff when I was in a tough spot when I left my make-up bag in Seattle at my aunts in the summer and was desperate for some cover-up. I have to admit I am not a huge fan. It is kind greasy and just settles into the creases. I suppose for a couple bucks though what can be expected?

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