Don't forget your neck!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
How many of you wash your neck? How many of your moisturize or apply firming creme? That's what I thought. Recently, I discovered how important it is to clean your neck. I often forget about this important part of my body and don't wash it when I wash the rest of my face. Try to get in the habbit of treating the skin on your neck like the skin on your face. Often, people can tell how old a person is by how wrinkly and saggy their neck is. Therefore, make sure to tone your neck as you do the rest of your face, wash it with a wash cloth and apply moisturizer in the evening and morning. This is especially important in the winter time because of all the cold air that is blowing at your neck and/or the dirt and oil from your scarves. So don't forget about your neck!


Tracy D said...

Good reminders! I am often guilty of forgetting about my neck, I will have to try & do better :)

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