Ole Henriksen Pick Me Up Face Tonic

Friday, January 14, 2011
Purchase: Aprox $34 @ Sephora

Formulated with plant and citrus extracts, this facial tonic is meant to make your skill feel immediately awakened. It is a non-drying yet gentle astringent which can be used as a quick, one step, cleaner.

I have to say, this stuff stinks! I really did not like the smell of it at all and would never purchase it again just because of the odour. Also, I don't agree that this is a 'one step' cleanser because when I used it I had to put on a lot in order for it to really work in to skin and remove any excess makeup.

Also, the price is just not right if you ask me and it isn't even organic or all natural even though it is made from plant extracts!

Here is what I learned: Make sure to smell all products before you purchase as some have a surprising odour to them! Just like hair products, always sample the smell, or even better, sample the product, before purchasing.


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