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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Every wonder why some of your towels have bleach spots on them? Or why some of your clothes do as well? Well if you didn't know already, Benzoyl Peroxide is the problem. Just like the name, the Peroxide in the creme is what bleaches your clothes so make sure you have a special face drying towel that you don't mind getting bleached. I often use my white towels or the ones I have already stained. You may also notice stains on your pillow case because of this, so again, I would suggest using a white pillow case when you put the creme on at night. Benzoyl Peroxide is still one of my favourite topical cremes for acne spots as it usually takes only about three days to get rid of the blemish. Also, make sure to wash your hands directly after application as not to accidentally white your hands on your clothing and stain them. 
I hope this was a helpful tip for you all! 

The sun is shining where I am and I can't wait to get a bunch of things done today and start on my new diet! I plan on losing 10-20 pounds with this book:

I'll be sure to try to keep you all updated on my progress! Also, if you are interested in any other tips about losing weight, one of my favourite blogstresses Marlena at Makeup Geek has posted her story!


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