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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Well you should be! Why? I have five great reasons:
#1. Because you would have received a $15-$20 off your next purchase gift card! Pretty amazing eh? Well, the only catch was I had to spend $40 to get $20 off but still, half price is pretty amazing! What did I buy? Well, you will have to wait and see during my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE BLOG REVIEW sometime during this week!

#2. They let you know about a million great deals and now that there is a store located right here in Victoria you can get tons of free stuff! I can't even count how many times they would send me a UPC for a free gift when we didn't have one here! I would always have to try to get someone in Vancouver to pick it up for me. It has taken the Victoria store awhile to get up to speed since they have just opened but by next year they should have all the free products in stock so first come first serve.

#3: Another great reason to join is so that you can get a FREE BIRTHDAY GIFT! That's right! Two years ago I received 3 free deluxe trial sized Sephora lip glosses! And last year I received a silver eyeshadow, mascara and mini silver eyeliner!

Great reason # 4: You get points that go towards amazing products! You receive 1 point for every dollar you spend so when you spend $100 you can pick a deluxed sized sample! And if you save up and reach 500, then you get a deluxe sampler package. Last time I got a smashbox lipgloss, mascara, facial primer and eye primer all in one cute package. Awesome deal!

#5: If you spend over $350 in one fiscal year you become a VIB for the rest of that year and the next year! What is VIB status? Very Important Beauty Status! First of all, you are given a 10% off your next purchase coupon, then around Xmas time you are given a 20% off coupon for one week to use however many times you want, then instead of getting a $15 Gift card you get a $20 one! And finally, you get tons of free deluxe samples and an even better birthday gift, invitations to special events, early access to products that have not-yet been released, exclusive gifts throughout the year and more!

So DO IT! And don't forget to enter our December Contest!


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