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Saturday, October 30, 2010
Hi everyone!
So a friend of mine suggested I started to write some articles on the blog. I have a few ideas and this is the one she suggested to me!

Makeup brushes, if you choose to use them, please make sure to wash! Washing your brush is important for at least three good reasons. First of all, the oil from your skin transfers to your brushes and so does the bacteria in the area from the room you choose to store/use it in. So, if you use it in the bathroom, then you can imagine that bacteria immediate in to the area after you flush the toilet! YUCK! This bacteria can cause break outs or skin irritations so washing your face brushes is extremely important.
Another good reason, is that your makeup application will be much smoother if your makeup brush is clean. Because your brush is covered in oils it soaks up the makeup and keeps it on the brush instead of distributing it evenly all over your face. The goal is to have your makeup on your skin not your brush!
And finally, your makeup brushes will last longer! If you properly care for your brushes you won't have to replace them as often. Every time you use your eyeshadow brush some eyeshadow is deposited on to the brush and if you don't wash it regularly the colour won't come out and the bristles might begin to get brittle and break off or become too heavy so they loosen from the brush handle.

So the question is, how to wash them?
Just like your face, your brushes should have a regular washing routine. Depending on how often you use the brush, you should wash them well once a week (specifically brushes you use on your face if you put on powder and foundation every day). Also, it is good to quickly wash the brush after every use with a quick drying formula.
These are the two I use:

Purchase: $10 @ M.A.C. cosmetics

Use MAC makeup brush cleanser once a week. Don't know how to properly clean your brush? Check out this link

Purchase: $13.50 @ London Drugs
And I use this after every use (Mostly), it is a quick drying formula so if you realize you still need to use the brush you can use it about 3 minutes after you apply the cleaner. To use this type of cleaner, spray a cotton ball with the cleaner and immediately gently rub the brush in a circular or back and forth motion (like a paint brush) to remove some of the colour. This stuff is great for cleaning eye makeup brushes you want to use during one application with different colours!


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