Do you want long, beautiful, NATURAL lashes??

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Lashes: 10 out of 10
Volumizing: 8 out of 10
Purchase: $60 @ London Drugs, on sale for $39.99

This stuff is AMAZING! Put it on before bed for about three weeks and BLAMO! Amazingly long lashes! My lashes are SO LONG right now! However, I did buy it for its volumizing promises which I haven't noticed as much. That might be because I just don't have that many hair follicles for hair to grow out of! But yes, this stuff really works! I think what it does is makes it that your eyelashes are a lot stronger and don't fall out as much, therefore, they become nice and long. However, if you don't have hair follicles for your eyelashes to grow out of it can't just make you have fuller lashes.

The one downfall is, is that this stuff is pretty pricey at regular price. However, it has gone on sale twice over the last 6 months at LD so I'll keep you all posted on sales!

UPDATE OCTOBER 27th: If you are worried about pigmentation colouring, eye irritation etc check out this link.


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