One of my favourite drugstore eyeshadow brands....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
I have said before how much I love M.A.C. eye shadows... well I also have some favourite drugstore brands as well! The following is a review of the L'oreal's HiP high intensity pigments.

Purchase: $9.99 @ London Drugs, frequently on sale for $5.99

This is my least favourite duo out of all the ones I own. The darker purple doesn't go on very well (at least not as well as most others do) but the lighter purple is very beautiful.

These two colours are great! I have green eyes and so I love having tons of different shades of green. Both these shades go on very well and are full of long-lasting pigment! A great choice!

Despite the name, this is the least 'crazy' of the colour combos. This combo is great for a day look. Simple use the tan colour all over your lids and the pink on the outside edge and vuala! This is a great summer-time combo in my opinion and both colours go on wonderfully.

The dark purple in this one is the same as the dark purple in Reckless and doesn't go on as well as the other colours. However, I love the gold/yellow colour! It goes on shimmery and thick!


Alison said...

Thanks for the tips Mary! I hate it when you buy an eyeshadow that looks super-vibrant but doesn't have enough pigment to translate when you apply! Also, they are affordable!

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